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Mapping of projects having an effect on greening of transport

3 December 2014
Activity 2 in the Swiftly Green Project was designed to provide a comprehensive overview of the Scandinavian-Mediterranean corridor’s scope and characteristics as well as on European and national funded projects which might have an effect on greening of transport and supply chains. The report “Mapping of the current status of the Swiftly Green Corridor” was completed this year.

Mapping of the Scandinavian-Mediterranean Corridor

The mapping of the ScanMed Corridor was a tough task since it is the longest TEN-T corridor and connects seven countries on its way from Finland via Sweden to Italy and Malta. The partner's main challenge was to compare today’s situation on traffic flows in the countries and the statistical differences in availability and detail levels. Besides traffic flows major attention was put on infrastructure bottlenecks and investments, fees and taxes along the corridor. 

The desk research was enriched by several workshops with stakeholders from policy and industry level.  Further, field studies e.g. on rail terminals were carried out to learn about practice and real life challenges stakeholders are affected by.

At the end of the year 2014, the report “Mapping of the current status of the Swiflty Green Corridor” was finalised. A download will be available on

The next step is to enrich the report by results of the Transport Market Study (TMS) executed by the ScanMed Rail Freight Corridor. The TMS provides a quantitative and qualitative analysis of rail freight flows and modal shift along the Scandinavian-Mediterranean Rail Freight Corridor. The TMS analyses both current and future flows. 

Compiling a Synopsis of Measures of Completed and on-going Projects having an Effect on Greening of Transport

A desk research of European funding programs and national initiatives followed to search for existing measures in the field of transport and logistics which might have a greening potential. The search ended up in a comprehensive matrix providing an overview about measures developed by projects and matched against the Swiflty Green horizontal project themes “Infrastructure”, “Transport/Logistic Solutions”, “Transport Techniques” and “Policy& Regulations”. These measures’ effectiveness was analysed and assessed in detail in Activity 3 in the Swiftly Green Project.