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Editorial: Swiftly Green now finalized

21 December 2015
SWIFTLY Green visited the HavelPort 29 September – a harbor for cargo handling (e.g. woodchips) to the west of Berlin close to the Rail and Logistic Center Wustermark.
With the current agreement at the COP21 in Paris, we are happy to see that the final results from SWIFTLY Green have the right timing. SWIFTLY Green has the mission to support “greening” development of logistics and transport in the TEN‐T network and can now present concrete measures, eg. for the reduction of GHG-emissions.

The project has now in December reached its end and the planned Final Conference the 26th of  November was, due to the insecure situation in Brussels at the time, transformed into a  webinar. Over 37 sites across Europe, and about 60 participants, were connected and  listened and discussed the results from the project. At the same time we managed to  save quite an amount of CO2, almost 5,200 kilos! 

During the first year of the project, we mapped the current status of the Scan-Med Corridor and also finalised the analysis of the effectiveness and the transferability of transport  measures across countries along the corridor. This, together with the best  practice cases carried out in the project, has resulted in about 130 concrete measures  supporting greening of transport.  

After more than two years' of work, we hope that the results we deliver can provide valuable input to the appointed European coordinators' work in developing the Core  Network Corridors in Europe.

The main deliverables from SWIFTLY Green are a generic Green Corridor Development  Plan and the Green Corridor Portal. The Green Corridor Portal is a web portal that  combines three tools that, in short, aims at visualising measures and assessing  performance. The Green Corridor Development Plan is a document promoting ideas and  concrete examples as a motivation and tool for mainly the European Coordinators to further  include greening in the Work Plans for the development of the Core Network Corridors.

Concrete and appropriate measures are presented to make the transport system more  sustainable and, by that, meeting ambitious European targets on e.g. reduction of  Greenhouse Gas (GHB) emissions, air pollutants and noise pollution.

One of our recommendations to the coordinators, provided in  the Green Corridor Development Plan, is to introduce the Portal and the tools and  use them in their practical work to choose, assess and propose measures for greening of  future transport systems. 

All the material from SWIFTLY Green can be found in January on: The Green Corridor Portal can be found on:

By that we would like thank all stakeholders across Europe that has participated in the  work during the past years and wish you all:

 Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Sofie Vennersten
Lead Partner SWIFTLY Green 
Programme Manager CLOSER
Lindholmen Science  Park